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Seconds, the first line of a story about mathematical probabilities of life

"As Henry Svendsen was about to die in a hospice right outside Copenhagen, the final half second of his life turned...

Frost Bite, the first line of a story about a dark infestation

"That year, Eastern winds brought cold weather and strange creatures to these woods." Canon EOS 70D, EF50mm...

Blood and Bacon, the first line of a fable about childhood trauma

"Some pigs, when seeing an abandoned playground in the rain, might reminisce in some lingering and bittersweet memories of their childhood,...

Another Tomorrow, the first line of a story about making life choices

I don't know what you see in reflections, but I see the future. Shot in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mr Birch, the first line from a story about a man from another place

Alma Behringer never cared for alternate dimensions, estranged timelines, or wormhole portals, but there she was anyway, ever since her husband's...